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The RHC Circuit is our newsletter to keep health care providers (HCPs) and service providers up-to-date about Rural Health Care (RHC) Program news, events, and best practices.


First Quarter 2017

  • Form Submission Schedule
  • Filing Window Periods
  • FCC Forms Enhancements


First Quarter 2016

  • Submit Funding Requests
  • Rurality Update
  • See 2016 Filing Deadlines

Second Quarter 2016

  • Submit Funding Requests Now
  • Updated Search Posted Services Pages
  • Thank You for Your Input!

Third Quarter 2016

  • Additional Filing Windows Announced
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities Added
  • USAC Has Moved!

Fourth Quarter 2016

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities Now Eligible
  • RHC 101 Webinar on January 17
  • Website Refresh

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