Rural Health Care

Service Provider Updates

The Rural Health Care (RHC) Program periodically deploys software updates to improve usability and functionality of My Portal, the RHC Program's online application management system.

These updates include features that will expedite the application review process and make form submission faster and easier. Many of the enhancements are based on feedback.

The following updates are applicable to service providers.

August 2016

Service Provider Link Renamed
For service providers, the link on the main navigation header has been relabeled “Back to My SPINs/498 IDs” for clarity.

March 2016

Search Posted Services Tool for Consortia and Individual HCPs Integrated
Stakeholders will be able to search for service requests for both individual HCPs and consortium applicants on the same Search Posted Services Tool. To narrow search results to only individual HCP or consortium postings, select Individual or Consortium from the "Application Type" drop down menu. The search results will show a summary of each HCP whose service request(s) match the search criteria entered, with the option to view additional information. In addition, consortium postings will now display all states in which a consortium's participating entities are located.

December 2015

FCC Form 498 (Formerly Known as SPIN) Term Change

A revised version of the FCC Form 498, Service Provider and Billed Entity Identification Number and General Contact Information Form, is now available. With this revision, the term "Service Provider Identification Number," or "SPIN," has changed to "498 ID." All instances of the term "SPIN" in My Portal have been replaced by "SPIN/498 ID." For further explanation of this term change, see the Changes to SPIN page.

Email Communication Update

All outgoing email messages have been enhanced to include more detail, improved instructions, and next steps.

Enhancements to Commitments Search Tool

The HCF Program Funding Commitments Search Tool has been enhanced:

  • The tool now has "Export All" and "Export Selected" buttons that will download commitment data into an Excel file, so stakeholders can view, sort, and filter data in Excel.
  • There is a new "Funding Type" search criteria and column, which will indicate if commitments are for individual HCP or consortium applicants.

November 2015

New Export Function on Search Posted Services Tool

The HCF Search Posted Services tool now has “Export All” and “Export Selected” buttons that will download FCC Form 461 data into an Excel file, so stakeholders can view, sort, and filter data in Excel.

Enhancements to FCC Form 463

FCC Form 463 has been enhanced to reduce the possibility of errors by HCP applicants, decreasing service provider review time, resulting in a more streamlined invoicing process. For more information, view a summary of the changes or watch the FCC Form 463 for Applicants video series.