FCC Form 555 FAQs

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Q1: If an ETC did not submit an FCC Form 497, meaning they had no Lifeline Program subscribers, is the company still required to file FCC Form 555?

A1: Yes. All ETCs that have received a SAC assignment from USAC, which has not been relinquished, must complete and file FCC Form 555 with USAC and the FCC. If an ETC did not claim federal support for Lifeline Program subscribers for the previous data month, the ETC should certify Section 2C and complete all other fields required for submission.

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Q2: If a carrier has multiple SACs within the same state, should the subscriber count and results be added together when completing Section 2?

A2: No. FCC Form 555 recertification results are now reported at the SAC level. No longer are recertification results aggregated at the state level.

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Q4: Where should a subscriber scheduled to be de-enrolled for non-payment, or other issue not relating to recertification, be recorded?

A4: If the subscriber was included in the recertification process prior to being scheduled for de-enrollment, they should be included in the recertification results data in Section 2 A and/or B. They would not be recorded in Column I or L.

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Q5: What is a pre-paid ETC?

A5: A pre-paid ETC does not assess or collect a monthly fee from its Lifeline Program subscribers. Most pre-paid ETCs are wireless service providers who offer a specific allotment of minutes per month without a monthly fee. For more information pertaining to the de-enrollment requirements of pre-paid ETCs, refer to 47 C.F.R. Section 54.405(e)(3).

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Q6: Are we required to submit this form to anyone other than the FCC and USAC?

A6: Please check with your state public utilities/service commission for state requirements regarding annual recertification.

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Online Filing

Q7: How do I set up user entitlements so that the form can be certified online?

A7: To learn more about establishing and updating user entitlements in E-File, review the Establishing User Entitlements instructions. For questions about existing entitlements, please contact us at (888) 641-8722.

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Q8: If I am the 497 Officer, can I certify the FCC Form 555 online?

A8: Yes. 497 Officer entitlements allow the user to certify both the FCC Form 497 and the FCC Form 555 online.

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Q9: How does a 497 Officer submit their signature online?

A9: When a 497 Officer certifies a form online it is considered an electronic signature. The ETC does not need to provide a separate copy with a written signature.

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Q10: Can the completed online form be saved as a PDF?

A10: Once the form has been completed and you have exited the screen, you may return to the results screen to access the completed PDF.

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